Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pretty hands make difficult work

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted here. Life has just whizzed by. I have started getting my nails done regularly as part of my self-preservation-in-the-face-of-sleep-deprivation-induced-insanity approach to life. Here's some pics of what I've had so far - thanks to Chelsea at Nail Ink for her amazing work.
Glitter fade with stamping

Glitter fade with polka dots
Glitter fade
One caveat - these look great, but are highly dysfunctional. I've discovered lots of things that  are much harder to do with pretty hands:
  • press buttons - especially to flush the loo!
  • type - my error rate has skyrocketed
  • make jewellery - particularly anything that requires stringing small round beads
  • pick up coins I've dropped - I have to push the coin to an uneven part of the floor to get a nail under to lift it, today someone had to pick the coin up for me!
  • get any kind of cream or hair product out of a tub - I'm left with a horrible collection of stuff under the nail. 

Three shades of glitter