Friday, January 8, 2010

Timing for Treasury

If you've been trying to get a spot on Etsy's Treasury or Treasury West but never know when the number of lists will hit that magic number, try using Craftopolis' Treasury Clock to help you work out when to even bother looking.

I've used it this past week and have had listings in both Treasury and Treasury West. Of course, I've had to sit at the computer and wait for the right moment, which could be at midnight, but patience is rewarded.

Make sure you have your listing IDs all ready to go. Try using Poster Sketch to set up your Treasury well before you want to even try to get a listing.

Check out my current Treasury West collection Ets(y) and the City.


  1. I managed to get a treasury last week too! Love to make them :)
    Your's is amazing!

  2. I use the treasury clock too - but they always seem to open up at like 3am and I just can't stay up that late! Looks like the next one is due at around 5am tomorrow - don't think I'll be up that early either